Mark Sanders

Looking back, my time on IDE was a ‘shiny jewel’ of an experience and changed my life in a very positive way. After working in engineering, the immersion into the arts, design world and people of the RCA was refreshingly exciting. The IDE aim of achieving elegance (in both engineering and design) was quite tough. Yet the environment of mixing with not only experienced and elite industrial designers, but also, painters, fashion designers, sculptors, furniture, jewellery and car designers was like being charged with electricity! Back in 1983-85, my IDE year group was just six and we all went into design careers which followed an IDE philosophy of ‘design wholesomeness’. For me, like many others, the course was the perfect transition into the person I always wanted to be, with the exciting life of conceiving, engineering, designing and inventing new products – and this still doesn’t feel like work. The buzz of imagining elegant, new ways of doing things and turning these dreams into products that sell, sometimes in millions, is awesome. The experience was so good I just kept coming back for more and was a visiting tutor for over eighteen years. As student and tutor, I have met many great friends and colleagues and we all share the passion and core values that make IDE so special. 

Mark Sanders, IDE 1985

DirectorMAS Design Products Ltd

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